Entering the barber shop, you’ll be caught up in the atmosphere of the gangster era!

We’ve dreamed up a men’s hairdressing salon where you’ll step into a real time travel experience and feel like you’re back in the 1920s Prohibition era.

In this barber shop, we’ve handpicked everything from barber chairs, to period weapons hung on the wall, to the latest switches and picture frames, to make you feel like you’re in an authentic gangster barber club!

Our male barbers have barber blood in their veins and respect is still important to us, so at G-cutz Barber Shop it’s all about quality and you.

Watch our introduction video, meet the gangster barbers and book an appointment with the one you like!


If you have short hair, it’s especially important how you transition, as this will give your hairstyle style.

Forget the one-lengths and the home haircut. At the G-cutz barber shop, we will precisely create a transition from leather or size zero, taking care of your head shape, unevenness and avoiding patchy, stripy transitions.

We can also shave the nape of your neck if necessary, or work your beard into your hairstyle if needed.

When are you visiting our men’s salon?


For medium-length hair, our men’s hairdressers can help you determine which style on top suits your face shape.

Should it have a side partition? How far should the transition start from the bottom? Should the transition start from 0, 1, 3 or 6mm?

Do we comb it upside down, forward or backwards?

At G-cutz Barber Salon, we pay special attention to the rotation(s) so that you don’t sleep your hair off so easily! You can also book an appointment online at our Barber shop:


Thanks to the precise scissor cut, and the fine transition to match, you’ll be able to adjust your hairstyle in the morning more easily and the freshly cut feeling will last longer.

At the G-cutz barber shop, there is no hair left behind or sticking out to the side, and if the men’s barber cuts your hair in a satin style at the nape of the neck, you won’t have long hair “hanging” on your neck, but your hairstyle will be smooth at the back.

Pompadour, slickback or classic style, our barbers will give you a professional finish.


In the case of men’s haircuts and beard trims, a transition can be made in the beard and, if necessary, it can be combined with the sideburns.

If you don’t have the same hair and beard colour, G-cutz barbers can fix that too, and relax!

No one will notice that your facial hair is dyed, because our male hairdressers dye only the beard, not your skin.

Whether you only have a stubble, a medium beard or a long beard, you’ll see how much more serious a professionally trimmed beard can make your whole look, and give your whole look more character. Book an appointment at our barber shop:


If you don’t have hair, or you just decide to try our barber shop for a beard cut first, you’re still welcome.

Shaping, straightening, or a full shave, anything goes! The hot towel softens the skin much more gently when shaving, making the razor less irritating, sealing pores with a good quality after shave and reducing skin sensitivity.

Meet the gangster barbers at G-cutz barber shop!

No matter who you choose as your men’s hairdresser, you’ll get the same high quality from our barbers.

Our barbers are professional men’s hairdressers who give you quality!

Your style is our business.

Barber Shop FAQs

Can I come to the barber shop without an appointment?

Yes, we accept walk-ins, so you can come to us without an appointment, but in this case it is not 100% that we can service you immediately, there might be waiting time. Generically speaking, earlier in the week we are more likely that we can fit you without wait time as a walk-in as opposed to toward the end of week when our calendar gets really busy. So Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday we can probably accommodate you immediately in our barber shop. If you want to be sure, make an appointment! You can access the booking calendar of G-cutz barber shop Budapest here: http://gcutz.salonic.hu

Where is G-cutz Barber Shop?

We are located in central Budapest on the boulevard between Blaha and Wesselényi street at 16 Erzsébet körút. You have easy access with major public transport links like Metro line 2 and tram 4-6. If you’re taking the tram, get off at Wesselényi, as it’s less of a walk.

Can I park nearby?

There’s usually parking available in the nearby streets: Acacia / Tobacco / Gardener / Barcsay. Whichever street you manage park at, you won’t have to walk more than 3-4 minutes to reach G-cutz barber shop Budapest.

When are you open?

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and closed on Sundays. If you can, try to come early in the week from Monday to Wednesday because we likely have more free appointments, compared to the weekend which is usually more crowded at the shop.

At what price do you work?

You can find the price list of G-cutz barber shop Budapest on this link: https://gcutzbarbershop.hu/arlista

Under what conditions can I cancel my appointment?

Guests are kindly requested to cancel their appointments at least 24 hours before the appointment if they cannot make it, as there is still a chance that someone else can book it. In case of cancellation within 24 hours, we are forced to charge the entire service fee to make up for lost business and empty slots we can’t fill on short notice. Thank you for accepting the G-cutz barber shop Budapest policy and booking with us.

What refreshments can I choose from?

At G-cutz Barber Shop Budapest, you’ll always find ice-cold Jack Daniel’s whiskey and the characteristic Csíki beer in the fridge. If you’re a straight edge gangster who rolls alcohol free, we can provide you with Coke, mineral water and other soft drinks.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your pet if it does not eat humans 🙂

Can I bring my girlfriend?

The same goes for your partner, you are both welcome in our barber shop.

Which barber do you recommend? Who should I book with?

At G-cutz Barber Shop Budapest, all our barbers are dedicated and precise, so it doesn’t matter who you book with a professional point of view. Feel free to choose from our selection of experienced gangster barbers based on their intro and work photos you can find our website or simply based on who has free availablity. You can see their personal pages under the Barbers page and you can also browse their photos in our online calendar when choosing a colleague!

Do you do full head shave at G-cutz barber shop?

Yes, if you want a blade/machine head shave, feel free to book in for a haircut, we charge at the same price.

Can I bring a picture of what kind of hair I want?

Of course, if you’ve got your eye on a hairstyle or beard, show it to our barber and we’ll do our best to get it done for you in top quality. Or, if you’re not sure what hair to choose, our barbers can help you find inspiration and make a decision.

Can under 18s come to your barber shop?

Yes, but obviously younger children always must be accompanied by a parent.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card in the G-cutz Barber Shop Budapest.

Can I buy wax/product from you?

Yes, you can buy wax and pomade in the G-cutz Barber Shop Budapest, so you take home the products we use in the shop to condition your hair. Plus, you don’t have to deal with expensive online shops, pay shipping costs and wait days for a courier, just ask your barber for the product you want and we’ll give it to you right off the shelf.

What products do you use in the barber shop to style hair?

We try to give a chance to every brand and choose products our customers like and we think works best for them. In our store you’ll find Uppercut, Proraso, Crew, Morgans, Criminal and a few other barber brands.

Do you also dye hair?

In our barber shop we can do grey hair coverage / hair colouring in shades of brown and black, however if you want a different colour, we won’t be able to help you.

How is G-cutz different from other barber shops?

Most barbershops in Budapest are based on the same principles. We thrive to be different with the customer service and the shop interior, which we decorated in a 1920s gangster-era feel. We believe in classic values and respect the guest. We welcome everyone, locals, tourists and expats living in Budapest. We try to build a diverse community and a solid returning customer base. That’s why at G-cutz Barber Shop Budapest, we go above and beyond to make sure that once you come to us, you won’t want to go anywhere else. We want more than just making you happy with your new hairstyle and beard, we’d like your visit to our barbers to be a great experience you look forward to!

Our guests say

G-cutz barber shop Budapest

16 Erzsébet körút, on the boulevard, between the Blaha and Wesselényi stops.

Opening hours:

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